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  • Life Support utilizes technological innovation to bridge the gap between medical and mental health care

  • We assist in the identification and assessment of patients whose health and wellbeing may be suffering as a result of mental health concerns, and enable them to be triaged to our qualified network of Mental Healthcare professionals and specialists who can provide those patients with the support and tools they need

mental health

Mental Health Check (MHC) is licensed for use by physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, pharmacists and certified health care professionals. The MHC Solution assists the licensee in the assessment and triage of mental health issues affecting their patients. The assessment generated by MHC becomes a guide map to specific mental health support.

Our approach and philosophy

Our mental health support tool chest will help change the way individuals are assessed, diagnosed, and treated in support of their mental health struggles. Our commitment to clients – individual, corporate, and commercial – is to provide a consistent, evidence based virtual pathway to immediate qualified help.

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