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Mental Health Check FAQ's

Is the Mental Health Check a diagnostic tool?

Mental Health Check is strictly an assessment portal that will triage individuals to licensed mental health support. At that time these professionals will provide diagnostic feedback.

What is the cost of an assessment?

Assessment costs will vary depending on delivery process and jurisdiction. For more information, please send inquiry to admin@lifesupport247.com.

Is any information garnered through a Mental Health Check sent to my employer?

No, the Mental Health Check portal, depending on jurisdiction, will follow strict confidentiality regulations and guidelines.  All information garnered through a test is property of the client and the qualified medical/mental health professional and can only be shared with consultation and consent. In fact your employer would not even be privy to the fact that you have taken a test.

Where can I take a test?

Licensed delivery locations can be found here.

How long does it take to receive the results from a test?

Test results are instant and would be sent back to your medical/mental health professional for consultation. The MHC system will notify both the client and the medical/mental health professional that results are complete and ready for review. 

How often should I complete a test?

Situations vary but it is suggested that tests are completed annually by any/all individuals.

Licensed Clinical Solutions FAQ's

What makes up the session content in these programs?

Clinical Solutions are comprised of psychoeducation mixed with group therapy. 

Where are these held?

All programs are offered in person and virtually.

How many people are in a cohort/group?

Depending on the program, cohorts are comprised of 10-16 people.

Are these programs delivered by a peer or clinician?

All deliveries are facilitated by licensed mental health professionals with specific genre experience. 

What is the cost of these programs?

Program costs differ based on content but are normally approximately $60/hr.

What is the program duration?

Modules can vary from 6-12 weeks depending on the topic and are delivered in 1.5 hr blocks. 

I am a licensed clinician; can I be trained to deliver Clinical Solutions?

Depending on your jurisdictional license designation you can become a licensee. Please send inquiry to admin@lifesupport247.com

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